The Foundation of Beauty

I’ve been in the beauty industry for many years and with any industry that you’re apart of, you want to make sure that you research and stay abreast of any new information. When I began studying the word of God, I never imaged that I would pull valuable information on womanhood with specific instructions on what to do to make God smile with your virtue. I hear so many people saying that it’s difficult for them to relate to the Bible and that what we experience nowadays are so different compared to biblical times. But between my personal research and studying the Word of God on a deeper level, I began to recognize similarities among women of the Bible and every single person living in modern culture. I get excited because it is literally full of useful tips for both your spirit and physical body. And, by tapping into these practices you can experience yourself in a different light and enjoy a deeper personal fulfillment
Did you know that the Bible is the original beauty manual? The Bible is full of women who were  recognized not only for their beauty, but also for their work in the Kingdom. What defined women then continues to recycle and resurface and ultimately becomes relatable if you’re willing to put in the work.
The Bible also has a way of connecting the attractiveness of a woman to her work which ultimately came from the source that was rooted in a purposeful life. In other words no matter the circumstance, or struggle, no matter if these women were leaders, rulers, mothers or even harlots (prostitutes) — they each teach us practical lessons about beauty, womanhood, faith and so much more.
Lets look at Esther, a favorite among many. (Read the book of Esther for reference and encouragement)
Ester is known for her courageous role in saving the lives of Jews who were condemned to death. But before Ester’s heroic move, she initially made a mistake  of not realizing her blessing and God’s purpose for her life. Mordecai, the uncle that raised her had to bring to remind her of her roots as a Jew. Furthermore as Ester began to get the big head, she was cautioned that the titles can not save you: the same way education & money can’t save you. And I may be knocking on someone’s door when I say leaving the hood and forgetting where you’ve come from will not protect you. God would rather use you and your brokenness, but if you block Him or make it all about your happiness, He can and will skip over you and use someone else to fulfill His purpose. The reason Ester obtained royalty was not for her to bask in herself and new found royalty. Her beauty and valor was used to advance the purpose of God and ultimately save His people. She was blessed physically to be a blessing socially. She understood that by connecting to The Source, you discover more keenly the purpose He has for you: Isaiah 43:1. If you don’t know God, you will never know the full extent of yourself. Period. Don’t risk not ever being used by God because you think you’re too good (pride) or not good enough (scarcity). Don’t be skipped because of your disobedience or slow obedience to the assignment that He’s revealed to you. Your identity is important to Your Father and is the foundation of your beauty. Get deeper into His presence so that you understand the true beauty of your life, your purpose and His sacrifice.

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