Skincare Rules

It’s important for you to take good care of your skin on a daily basis. With the correct products for your skin type, a good routine and the right amount of excitement, it is easy to have healthy looking skin. Remember : how you care for your skin now, will likely determine what your skin will look like in the future.

Basic Skincare Regimen:  

Cleanse your face when you wake up: While sleeping, sweat and dirt particles are collecting on the skin’s surface. The skin on your face is thinner than other areas, so it is important to remove unnecessary bacteria to avoid breakouts and premature aging. While you’re at it, change your pillow cases at least 2x weekly.

Don’t use just anything: Regular soaps that we use to wash our bodies can be too harsh for the face — causing acne and dehydration. Invest in a mild or hydrating facial cleanser to use specifically for the face.

Exfoliate weekly: Once or twice a week, you want to remove the dead skin cells by exfoliating or shedding dead skin. Never use products that are too prickly. Just simply wet your face, scoop the product of your choice into your hands and rub gently for about 20 seconds. After rinsing with water, your face should feel brand new. Make your own exfoliator by mixing a small amount of raw organic honey & if your skin is sensitive, try using grounded oatmeal and honey. *Note any food allergies* Clarisonics may also be used. 

Never scrub your face too hard: Even if you have breakouts, always be gentle with the skin and use mild products on your face and body. Scrubbing will make your skin more sensitive. Avoid harsh gritty products. 

Serums and eye cream: If you are looking for corrective skincare for anti-aging, acne, dark marks, etc., always turn to a serum. The molecules are small and penetrate the skin deeper than most moisturizers.

Tone, moisturize and use sunscreen: Use a toner to level out the pH balance in your skin followed by a light facial moisturizer (not regular body lotion because it can clog your pores). Using a facial moisturizer will keep your skin looking healthy and sunscreen will protect the skin and keep it looking youthful.

Always wash your face at night: Your skin works at night to remove toxins and repair the skin, therefore it is important that it is cleansed and moisturized before you go to sleep. And NEVER sleep in your makeup.

You are what you eat: Be careful what you eat everyday. Eating foods that are high in sugar, caffeine, unhealthy fats, etc. will increase oil production and dehydration. In order to have the best skin possible, you must eat clean, healthy foods including fruits and vegetables. And you must drink plenty of WATER!  Alkaline water is my personal favorite as it has higher pH levels. 

Exercise daily: Moving and sweating is healthy for the body because it removes harmful toxins. Find a physical activity that you like (you don’t have to be good at it) and get moving! Be sure to wipe sweat immediately after to avoid clogging the pores.  

Black CAN Crack: The skin is the largest organ of the body. When you consume alcohol or drugs, your skin will begin showing signs of your habits. Be mindful of what you put into your body physically and spiritually.

Be positive: We all have problems with our skin at some point in our lives. Remember that it is just a phase and with the proper skincare regimen, things will improve. The more positive you are the better you will feel. Always be nice to your skin and yourself.

Stay BEaUtiful Ladies – Danita Q. Berry, LE |


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