Popcorn Beauty

Let’s face it, we live in a microwave society where we want a hot gourmet meal with all the fixings, seasoned to perfection within two minutes and thirty seconds or the time to pop a bag of popcorn. In other words, many of us have been handicapped by convenience and as a result, taken on the mentality of gimmie what I want…Now! And it better be flawless.

This concept may be satisfactory when it comes to cuisine or even retail, but it is unreasonable when referring to personal skincare. When you begin a new regimen it is important to give the product’s ingredients time to produce change after initial usage. In addition, for best results you must be consistent with your daily regimen. With whatever condition you are looking to improve, remember that patience is key and overnight success is not probable. In fact, not allowing products their appropriate time allotment can result in your skin condition worsening; especially if you use product after product with active ingredients that may or may not mesh well with your skin.

So you ask, how long should I wait before changing or omitting a product? A general rule of thumb is to allow the skincare solutions six weeks to eight weeks before you begin to see results. Take into consideration that your skin has to have time to turnover its cells and shed dead skin. Depending on the product and the desired result, however, the suggested time may be longer depending on the strength and active ingredients. You should never abandon a regimen days after using it, due to lack of results. Also, never use more than is suggested of a particular product, thinking that you will see results faster. Too much of a good thing can potentially harm your skin, sometimes to a point of no return. Only abandon if the product produces a severe allergic reaction including extreme swelling, severe itching or burning, blisters, and/or beat red completion for longer than 24 hours.

*Note that products or ingredients may initially cause mild redness, itching or irritation, but should subside shortly after. In this case, allow your skin a few days to build a tolerance of such product or ingredient. Also, you may also choose to spot treat a condition once daily until your skin builds a tolerance, and then increase usage thereafter.*



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