How to Become Successful

I recently watched an inspirational YouTube video posted in 2012 by the great Tyler Perry himself.  In the video, he explains what it takes to become successful.  It was a very short but hugely relevant message that stopped me dead in my tracks and shed a bit of light on my obscure situation.  So often we complicate things that are meant to be simple and we are often left feeling disoriented.  I would like to share with you some key points that were enlightening to me and may assist you in your journey towards success. Granted, this is a subjective point of view coming from the heart of a Christian. Other successful people may have opposing beliefs to that of Mr. Perry. Nevertheless, lessons can be taken away from his commentary and applied to everyday life. Enjoy!

  1.  Realize that success is granted only by the grace of God and success will only happen when God believes that you can handle it.
  2.  Narrow your focus to one idea and make it work for you. In due time, other fruits will produce.
  3.  Plant the seed and water that particular area. Spreading water across many seeds causes you to not have as much water for that one seed.
  4.  Believe in your set goal and work diligently and honestly to see it come to pass.
  5.  Never give up on your baby (aka dreams). Always make it the priority and stick with it no matter what.

Mr. Perry made a very intriguing proclamation worth sharing. He stated, “There is no difference between my humanness and your humanness. The only thing is, if you’re trying to get there, you cannot stop believing in any way.” He goes on to say that when something is meant specifically for you, there is a feeling within your soul that will not allow you to let it go. That feeling, or Holy Spirit as I’d call it, will become the belief for you when you feel like giving up. I encourage you to reflect on these words and share with someone else.

“All you can do is plant the seed and water it – God Himself has to give the increase.”  – Tyler Perry


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