Daddy Daughter Dance

On the tips of your dirty workman boots, I placed my painted red toes

How many miles had they walked that day – only Daddy and God knows

I cupped my palms into your callused hands as our identical brown eyes met

Then you mumbled to me, “I love you babygirl,” simple words I’d never forget

I inhaled deeply and engulfed your heavy scent that most would loathe to smell

But that’s the way I identified your presence, I knew it all too well

You stepped right and left then swirled me around, we danced awkwardly to our own beat

But the Lord saw fit to call you home and place me on my own two feet

Now as I stand on solid ground and look up to the Heavens above

I feel your spirit tiptoeing on my heart and protecting me with your love

“God pours life into death and death into life” without a single drop of waste

So I rejoice with the Angels and take solace in the fact that you’re in the most peaceful place

You will never skip a single beat again, you’ve been granted a brand-new chance

I’ll forever smile when I feel the vibrations of your wings, signaling me to dance.

– Danita #yourmostprizedpossession #toolbox #iloveyou #meX3 #Ephesians2:8-9 #flydaddyfly

This is a dedication that I composed after my father passed away in December of 2013. It pretty much sums up our relationship with one another and when it was written, I asked God to allow “the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in [His] sight.” God definitely honored His word by filling me with the Holy Spirit and allowing me to write from a place of truth and vulnerability.

My peculiar yet precious relationship that I had with my Daddy while he walked this earth has now transformed into a spiritual and unequivocal bond that cannot be reckoned with. I feel him fluttering in my heart everyday and I am convinced that he is able to do more for me as my guardian angel than he was ever able to do on earth. It is all about honesty and perspective. You have every right to choose how you want to feel and react to relationships or lack thereof.

For those of you that neglect or refuse to have a relationship with your father, I plea with you, ask God to help you conquer that missing void. For some that means seeking internal healing in your father’s absence for others it may be attempting to establish a relationship with your father. Regardless of your circumstance, if you are fatherless and you are feeling empty, do not ignore the issue…it is toxic and will show up in other relationship forms. Be honest with yourself, seek healing for yourself and hold yourself accountable for moving on to the next chapter of your life.

Do not allow what you lacked in the past to dictate what you seek to accomplish in the present and future. The truth is we are unable to rewrite history. However, we have been given authority to overcome and create a basis of restructuring. The choice is yours.

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  1. This is absolutely priceless. You are a gift to the world. I love you. Period. Keep it up, you’ve been given a positive and powerful voice, keep using it.
    Auntie Kathryn.

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