Raising the Bar In Beauty

Many African Americans are breaking barriers and becoming comfortable with expressing ourselves and personalities. We display this notion through our hair journeys, makeup techniques, nail and body art and our creative and stylish ensembles. As the lovely Tyra Banks would say, we are “breaking beauty barriers” and making advances toward building self-worth. But as a […]

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The Beauty of Biotin

One popular trend that I have been following for a while is the consumption of the vitamin biotin, which has become widely known as the hair, skin and nail vitamin.  Because of its ability to promote growth in cells, people without hesitation indulge.  But did you know there are many other benefits that biotin has […]

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Proper Shaving Techniques: Avoid Ingrown Hairs

Everyone has individual preferences on the topic of facial and body hair. Some men and women like to embrace it while others loathe the appearance of hair and will go through any measure for removal. There are two primary methods of hair removal, which are depilation at the surface of the skin and epilation which is removal […]

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Popcorn Beauty

Let’s face it, we live in a microwave society where we want a hot gourmet meal with all the fixings, seasoned to perfection within two minutes and thirty seconds or the time to pop a bag of popcorn. In other words, many of us have been handicapped by convenience and as a result, taken on […]

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Bumps Be Gone!

After being in the sun or sweating profusely after a good workout, have you ever experienced small red-like bumps or blisters on your body? Many people often refer to this condition as acne, however you may be experiencing the effects of a heat rash or sweat retention syndrome. This is not a fatal condition (so […]

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How to Become Successful

I recently watched an inspirational YouTube video posted in 2012 by the great Tyler Perry himself.  In the video, he explains what it takes to become successful.  It was a very short but hugely relevant message that stopped me dead in my tracks and shed a bit of light on my obscure situation.  So often […]

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